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Why Tagz are so awesome. 

  • You are helping pups in need
  • PVC edging to stop the noisy clang you get with two metal tags
  • Laser etched logos on metal that lasts
  • Stylish for all the cool pups at the dog park
  • Wearing a Dawg Tagz means joining the revolution!

With 50% of profits going to Fresno Bully Rescue & Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue we are helping dogs in need affected by BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), Dawg Tagz are the perfect accessory for every stylish pup that wants to join the revolution and create a safe and equal world for breeds of all kinds!

Hashtag #SaveADawgWithNila in your social media posts with Dawg Tagz; showing us you and your pup's support to end the unfair, cruel and merciless mistreatment that is BSL.

With your help we've already raised $6,202!

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