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Dawg Grillz is the brainchild of Scott Luscombe and his dog Roam. Scott initially designed the toys after more than 15 years in the product design business by thinking there had to be a better way to make toys that weren't just for the pup but also put a smile on the face of the parent.

Roam is our trusty tester, we know for a fact that he loves our Dawg Grillz Ballz and so will you.

In fact, so did a lot of people as our Dawg Grillz Ball won Modern Dog Magazine's Editors Choice for Best New Product.

You're the reason we do this, we have tons of experience in the medical product development and consumer goods industry and we're the ONLY dog toy that sources our material for our ballz from the medical industry.


dragons den dawg grillz

In 2017, Dawg Grillz hit the small screen and appeared on Season 11 of the Dragon's Den on Canadian Television. For those of you not aware of the TV show Dragon's Den, this is the Canadian version of the hit show Shark Tank. 

After the initial pitch was made on the brand, all dragons loved Dawg Grillz and its products and all of them made an offer.


french bulldog on dragons den

However, a company in Los Angeles, California saw the opportunity to take part in such beloved company and is now officially part of the Dawg Grillz family. 

Dawg Grillz is a dog toy brand that was established in 2015 by a few enthusiastic, dog lovin' people that wanted to put a smile on the face of both you an your pup. We have put thousands of GRRRINS on the faces of dawgs and their humans around the world. We have done so through our ever growing online community... filled with happy dawgs and owners alike. 

How We Do Things.

We love hearing from all our customers on how they & their pups liked our products. We take all feedback into consideration when making new toys to have something for every size, shape, and personality of dawg. Whether your pup be a gentle giant, a manic mini, or anything in between, we will have something for everyone. Stay tuned for new products that are in the making!  



We aren't a huge company like Petco. In fact, we are a lot smaller than you may think. But that won't stop us from giving back as much as we can to the community. That's why we work with several charity organizations. Check out our Dawg Tagz, where we give 50% of the profits to this deserving charity. 


  • Our toys are meant to be played with, NOT EATEN (supervised play at all times)!
  • Dawg Grillz products are built tough but not indestructible.
  • Dogs can easily chew through bone and we do not want a pup to break a tooth on our toy (better a broken toy than cracked canines).
  • If our toys become damaged please remove the toy from your pet. Small pieces maybe become choking hazards and we want you and your pup to have a long life of play!


Look for the signs. If you see your dog lay down with the toy and hold it between their paws they’re about to try to eat it. Say “STOP!” and replace the toy with a long lasting edible treat like a marrow bone or rawhide then say “GOOD DOG!”. After a few times your dog will learn what’s food and what’s a toy and your toys will last and last.



30 Day money back guarantee against manufacturer defects. NOT EATFECTS.

We personally inspect every Dawg Grillz toy to ensure that you’re getting a fully functional toy. If you notice something strange, please e-mail us and we’ll find a solution, we’re here to help!

If you decide our toys are not for your dog then simply return the unused and unopened toy in new condition to us and we’ll refund 100% of the purchase price minus the shipping cost (roughly $8 per toy).


“Hi, I recently bought a LIL Grillz and gave it to my 160lb Great Dane named Destroyer, he ate it! I want my money back” Seriously? Ok, we get it, you want to try some cool new products but know your dog. If your dog chews through cinder blocks and drags your car around by the tire buy them a brick or something. No toy is going to last against them so just love them for who they are.